If You Vote THIS Way, You're Better In Bed (Says Science)

Who knew?!

If You Vote THIS Way, You're Better In Bed weheartit

It's election season and you know what that means: More family arguments at the dinner table, friendships being tested, and looking at your lover wondering if you ever truly knew them. A lot can happen after eight months on the campaign trail.

Back in August, the dating site Zoosk polled 6,000 singles on their political stances to see how it affects their dating and relationships. They re-visited those results, and here are three things they discovered about Democrats and Republicans.


1. More singles are willing to date someone of the other party.

Eighty-four percent of singles don't mind dating someone in the opposing party, a 9 percent increase from last year's results. After all, it's good to be open-minded.

2. Singles are attracted to Donald Trump.

Last year, if you mentioned Trump during a date, 77 percent went into a political tangent. But a year later? Only 29 percent would do the same. Thirty-eight percent of singles would also grab a beer with Trump as opposed to other political candidates.

Interestingly, if you mention Trump during a date, twice more women than men reported "wanting to run in the opposite direction." Smart women.


Another interesting fact? Thirty-six percent of singles believe that Trump is the most charming of the candidates. And, what's crazier is that a whooping 49 percent of Republican singles say that Trump is the most dateable candidate (gross). They might want to take the advice of the woman who went on a date with him back in the 1970s.

For the Democratic side, 40 percent say Hillary Clinton is the most dateable.

3. Democrats are better in bed. 

A whooping 55 percent of Democrats claim that they are better than Republicans at sex. And guess what? Twenty-three percent of Republicans agree. Get it, Democrats!