REVEALED: These Are The Top 15 Names Of Douchebag Men

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Names Of Men Who Are Douchebags

Wouldn't it be easy if we could just tell if a guy was a douchebag based on their name alone? It would definitely save a lot time. Who would want to waste time getting to know someone who ends up being the jerkiest of all jerks?

Last year, the website First To Know released a list of the top 15 names of men who end up being douchebags, so you don't have to keep wondering. They based their judgment on the following criteria (note that these are just a few of those criteria): 

  • Chugs beer on his Facebook profile
  • Blames their girlfriend and treats her like crap
  • Wears sunglasses indoors at night
  • Believes that Dane Cook is God
  • Disappears after getting into your pants (also know as the ghosting phenomena)
  • Noncommittal via text after you reveal your feelings for him
  • Prefers the gym with his bros over important life events
  • Showers in Axe Body spray
  • Plays mind games

Do you know, have dated, or are yourself any of the men with these names?

  1.  Nick
  2.  Mark
  3.  Jeff
  4. Adam
  5. Tyler
  6. Travis
  7.  Frank
  8. Bradley
  9. Brandon
  10. Mike (Michael)
  11. Scott
  12. Ryan
  13. Eric
  14. Tommy
  15. Matthew

Of course, the conclusion to this survey is simply based on many women's (and men's!) experience with people with these names. Nothing beats the good old-fashioned getting-to-know-you tactic to come to the conclusion that yes, they are indeed a douchebag. 

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