Give Your Mother-In-Law A Gorgeous Accent Pillow Made Of ... PENISES

Give Your Mother-In-Law An Accent Pillow Made Of Penises

It can be challenging when choosing a gift for a mother-in-law, even if you have a good relationship with her. And it's especially difficult if the two of you aren't exactly besties.

As it's never a good idea to arrive at a party, family dinner or a casual get-together empty handed, a hostess gift is always a good idea. You want to make a good impression to a future or current mother-in-law, after all.

If you're going to your mother-in-law's house for Mother's Day brunch or to make wedding plans, it can be daunting to come up with the perfect gift. You want a gift that will stand out and have a sense of fun about it.

Martha Stewart Weddings suggests things such as a trinket tray, state-shaped cutting board, or a Hillary Clinton mug. But what they don't suggest, which may seem like the obvious choice, is a beautiful penis pillow.

These penis accent pillows from Human become more revealing the longer you look at them. Accent pillows, throw pillows or decorative pillows — no matter what you want to call them, they add to the decor of any room. 

At first glance, these pillows appear floral and pretty, but you don't have to gaze upon them for long to see that this spring scene has sprung a whole crop of penises.

The floral penis pattern pillow is made from 100 percent spun polyester fabric from recycled material, hand sewn, and features a double-sided print.

Yes, the pillow that your Uncle Harvey has rested against his back is covered with dicks. But human genitalia has never looked so beautiful.