Watch Blindfolded Woman Fail Miserably At IDing Her Man's Penis

Would you be able to tell?

woman with her eyes closed Golubovy/ Shutterstock

Do you feel confident you know your man well enough that could identify him by just by feeling his penis?

Well that's what one woman tried to do — and completely and utterly failed.

In the the hilarious video below, the woman was blindfolded and asked if she could correctly guess her boyfriend's penis against three other men by simply feeling it.

She seemed to have no doubt this would be a piece of cake. The woman went on to "closely examine" each penis, slipping her hand inside their swim trunks to get a better feel. 


When it came time to make a decision the woman confidently stated that the last man she felt up was her boyfriend.

And, yep, you guessed it, she was so wrong!

Poor guy. Seems his manhood hasn't made much of an impression on his woman. (Maybe if he'd been this guy or this guy or even Justin Bieber, she'd not have had a problem!)

Watch ... and cringe: