8 Get-Your-Act-Together Quotes So You Can FINALLY Let Him Go

Time to move the f*ck on.

8 Get-Your-Act-Together Quotes So You Can FINALLY Let Him Go getty

Let me guess, you've been feeling something was off for weeks now.

Not all breakups happen in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it's a gradual loss of love. You slowly stop finding their little quirks as cute. The conversations are no longer deep or meaningful.

You're kind of just idling together; no passion to drive you closer or further apart.  

When you look at it from an outside perspective, breaking up seems like the right thing to do. If the person you're dating isn't filling you up with love and excitement, then why are you still together? 


Well, you could stay together. People do it all the time. The familiarity, the comfort, and the fact that it doesn't seem like this person is doing anything wrong, is enough of a reason for people to continue the relationship. 

But the reality is, they are doing something wrong: they're no longer putting in any effort to be with you. 

Obviously, as time goes on, the romance and the chase always die down. But if a person really values having you in their lives, they'll make an effort to show their appreciation.

If you're starting to think that you're the only one who puts effort into the relationship, then it's time to cut your losses and move on. You deserve better. 


Take the plunge and break-up, with the help of these 8 quotes

1Honor your feelings.

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The worst thing you can do is bury your feelings and pretend nothing is wrong. The only way to truly move past a negative feeling is to move through it. 


2Know that it's not as scary as you think.

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The buildup is always scarier than the fall. You could spend weeks and weeks talking about how hard it's going to be to leave, but once you actually do, you realize it wasn't that hard at all. 


3Make a statement.

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There's a possibility your partner has forgotten what you mean to him, and the gentle reminders have not gotten the message through. Maybe showing him that you're not going to put up with his lack of attention to relationship could be the kick in the ass he needs. 


4But if he doesn't, don't you dare forget your own value.

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No matter how he reacts to the breakup, don't let anything take away from your sense of self. You don't need validation from anybody. 

5Forget about slashing his tires.

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You've been mulling over this relationship for too long. Your life and your happiness is the only thing you should focus on. 


6Don't try to forget about what you've been through.

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The only way to really move on is to accept what happened. Change your perspective and start to look at the relationship as a lesson you can learn from. 

7Be grateful for the rejection.

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If someone is showing you that they don't really care to be in your life, then you're doing yourself a favor by letting them leave. 


8And remember that there are far better things ahead.

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By letting go of this relationship, you're free to do anything you want. Nothing to hold you back and only you to determine your course.