FURRY Nails Are The Crazy New Trend And We're Giving Major Side-Eye

Photo: getty images
FURRY Nails Are A New Trend

Remember when bubble nails were a thing and you shook your head in disbelief that people actually thought this was cool? Just when you thought you could rest easy knowing that crazy nail trends were over, prepare for a whole new level of weird.

At New York Fashion Week, style director Jan Arnold sent models down the runway ... wearing faux fur on their nails. Her team painted each nail with polish from her own collection, CND nail polish, then adhered the fur using a high-gloss top coat.

I mean, considering that 1) it’s New York Fashion Week, 2) the outfits the models wore far exceeded the weirdness of these nails, and 3) it’s faux fur, not the real deal, this new nail trend may be (dare I say it?) pretty cool.

But I can't help but wonder how people sporting these nails will wash their hands?

All photos: Getty Images