The Bulbous Nail Trend: Hot Or Totally Hideous?

Photo: WeHeartIt

The origins of this trend are sketchy. No one seems to know where these came from or where you can go to get them. They look weird, as if someone glued a marble to the top of your nails, or like someone placed their already-chewed gum on their nails for safekeeping.

The one thing that most people seem to agree on? They're ugly as hell.

What do you think of these nails? Are they a fashion do or definitely a fashion please-don't?

Photo: Facebook/farrah256

I spoke to fashion blogger Farrah Estrella about this round-nail trend. Farrah said, "I don't know anyone personally that has them ... I hope."

The response on Farrah's Facebook have been overwhelmingly negative, with everything from hideous, ugly, to worst trend ever. Someone described it as looking like a chopped off finger, while another person called them "E.T. Phone Home" nails.

April Cobb, a licensed nail technician for over 18 years, said, "It's been a trend for the past 5-7 years that never went anywhere."

5 to 7 years? Why does this bubble-round nail trend keep coming back if everyone hates it so much?

For some reason these nails keep coming back, so someone must like them. I'm just not sure who that is exactly.