20 Cheesy Relationship Gestures Every Woman *Secretly* Loves

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Gestures Every Woman *Secretly* Loves

Yes, we're all strong, smart and completely rational women here, but let's be honest: we all love to watch Richard Gere climb that damn fire escape to save Julia Roberts from a life on Hollywood boulevard. Today, we're sharing 20 super-cheesy things every woman secretly loves.

1. Some serious Notebook in-the-rain-pick-me-up kind of kissing.

2. Ice skating in winter, complete with post-rink hot cocoa.

3. A room full of roses. Or, if you're married to Jay-Z, a three bedroom house full of them. (Hova sent Queen-B 10,000 blooms pre-halftime 50.)


4. Living room dance sessions are incredible. Turn up that tango music.

5. The cutesy little names we have for one another when no one is around. We love you too, Monkey Muffin.

6. When you pull the covers over our head and tell us we're hiding from the world, we fall in love with you a little more.

7. When you send us a link to a song, it's even better than the boy we liked in seventh grade who dedicated a song to us on the radio ... and that was our teenage #baegoal. Just sayin'.

8. Whether it's a full-blown roast or chicken fingers, there something oh-so-sweet about walking into a house where a man has music on, wine opened, and dinner cooking.


9. Some serious Dirty Dancing-in-the-lake kind of kissing.

10. You want to wash our hair? That's so creepy, but use conditioner.

11. Random love notes in our lunch (complete with a doodle) wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

12. It's so embarrassing when you dedicate karaoke songs to us, but please, do it again.


13. Oh, you scheduled a day at a Spanish bath house with post steam massages? No work today!

14. Posting how much you love our cooking and how incredible we are on Facebook is so immature. Young love is best, right?

15. Recreating the scene from Dirty Dancing in Crazy, Stupid, Love.-style kissing.

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16. Champagne and strawberries are such a delicious cliché.

17. Bringing us roses on a date is so awkward ... and awesome.

18. Breakfast in bed complete with a happy pancake face has been known to lead to post-breakfast makeout sessions.

19. Massages with oil in candlelight with music playing is probably something we should try.

20. Two words: Blindfolds and feathers. Two more words: Do me.

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