The Flower You Pick In This Test Reveals An Underlying Secret About Your Personality

Which one do you fancy most?

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Personalities can be tough to figure out, especially your own. When you're constantly wondering about your personality type, you may be unaware of how to find an answer, no matter the personality test you take.

Figuring out the personalities of the people around us — from our friends to our bosses to our coworkers and to our crushes — is a pretty hard task, but it's also an incredibly important one.


However, the personalities of others shouldn't be the only thing you're focusing on.

Very often our own personalities can be tough nuts to crack, too. But don't panic! Because your favorite flower actually shows some insight into your personality.

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This easy personality test is designed to help you figure out some of the more secretive aspects of your personality.

While you may have a pretty good sense of who you are, this test is going to take you a little bit deeper in the hopes of providing you with a better sense of understanding about yourself. It's also exceptionally easy, and exceptionally fast!

Simply look at the flowers below, pick the one that speaks to you the most, and then read on to find out how the kind of flower you chose reveals something about a secret part of your personality. You'll be glad you did.

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1. The poppy

This bright red flower is just like you: colorful, vibrant, and not just a little bit intoxicating. People are drawn to your presence like moths to a flame, and this is a tremendous power you might not even realize that you have in the first place.

However, much like the poppy, you can have a heady effect on people. Try and be aware of the thrall you keep people in or you could develop a reputation as being a user of people.

2. The iris

This colorful flower has been popular with artists like Van Gogh for centuries, and with good reason. It's beautiful and complex, just like you! If you picked the iris, chances are you are creative and a little bit spiritual, even if you don't always show it.

However, you get bored easily and this can make it difficult for you to keep your word when it comes to your social engagements, so be contentious so that you don't alienate people.


3. The tulip

Tulips are known for being one of the most traveled plants around — and just like them, you love to go for adventures abroad. You are bubbly and fun-loving, and can't get enough of all of the wonderful food, drinks, and shopping that life has to offer you.

Be careful that you don't go overboard. Your passion for excess could leave you feeling sick or leave you without a penny to your name. It's fine to go over the top, just don't do it all the time.

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4. The rose

For many people when it comes to love and romance, the only flower that they can think of is the rose — and you're the same way.


You're a classic romantic who tends to see the good in people. When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the object of your affection never doubts the sincerity of your feelings for them.

However, you should remember that just like roses you have thorns. When you get hurt it can take you a while to stop being so darn prickling.

5. The lily

The ancient Greeks loved this flower so much that they believed the goddess Hera sprouted it with her own mother's milk. Needless to say, those who pick the lily are natural-born mothers and caretakers, who are often revered as being the center of their social circle and who keep everyone grounded.

You take your love and romance very seriously and you have a gift when it comes to sustaining long-term relationships due to your playful nature.


6. The orchid

Orchids have long been considered one of the most exquisite, mysterious, and elegant plants — and you're just like them! Like the orchid, you enjoy spending time alone, though you probably do have a small circle of very close friends.

Appearances matter more to you than they do to most people, but that doesn't mean you're shallow. Don't let people dismiss you just because you enjoy the beauty in all things.

7. The violet

The violet is one of the most underappreciated plants around and people often bypass it but can be lured back by its tantalizing aroma. You are a little bit like the violet in that your silence and reserved nature can make it easy to overlook you. You are simple and straightforward.

Unfortunately, sometimes your silence can be misread and this can cause many potentially fruitful relationships in your life to end before they even get the chance to begin.


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8. The daisy

This flower is the universal symbol of cheerfulness, and, just like it, you are a person who is often upbeat and full of smiles. Like this flower, you probably head to bed pretty early — daisies close up entirely during the night time.

While those around you think of you as being childlike and innocent, chances are you've got an adventurous streak that runs a mile wide.


9. The daffodil

This flower is a symbol of wealth and riches, but unlike a flower growing around in the dirt, you have wealth and riches because you've worked hard for them.

The daffodil is a beautiful plant. In fact, in Persian poetry, it is used to connote a person with beautiful eyes. Chances are you're smoking hot! Be careful with how you strut your stuff. If you aren't careful, you could come across as being vain in the extreme.

10. The sunflower

Just like this big, tall, luscious flower, you are approachable, happy, and quick to hug anyone in need of a squeeze. You're big on comforting people when they need to be lifted up, and your support very often means all the world to the people in your life.

Just like the flower, your personality is big and bubbly and over the top. Try and be mindful of the fact that you won't always be everyone's cup of tea.


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