How To Understand What Your Cat Is REALLY Trying To Say

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Understanding What Your Cat Is Trying To Say

Humans are lucky. We have complex verbal and physical languages that can get across any message we feel we need to. On the other hand, cats rely on a handful of variations of their vocalizations and some physical cues to get across what they want to say.

To cats, we're stupid, unpredictable apes who don't really get them.

For example, if a dog behaves poorly and gets scolded, the dog understands it messed up. If a cat gets sprayed for clawing the couch, it simply thinks, "Why the hell did I just get sprayed?" Not actually connecting the two dots.

It's a little bit different, but here's a helpful guide to know what your cat is trying to say to you.

Infograph: Sainsbury's Bank

This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.