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12 Reasons (Totally Not Crazy) Cat Ladies Make The Best Wives

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not crazy cat ladies make the best wives ever

There's a lot of stigma around people who love cats. Many joke that if you're forever single, you'll spend the rest of your life without a mate, and instead, with too many cats.

But for the women out there who are cat lovers, let's clear something up: yes, we are cat ladies, and yes, we aren't afraid to tell other people about it.

But do we deserve the mean title of "crazy cat lady"? Probably not. Also being a cat mom doesn't mean we're weirdos destined to be single for life, either.

In fact, despite dating advice you may read about steering clear of cat ladies, here are 12 reasons why being a "cat lady" actually makes you the best wife ever.

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1. Cat ladies have big hearts.

Whether we've gotten our cats by adopting them or rescuing them, we love them like crazy, and we have plenty more love to spread around.

Most cat ladies I know have rescued their cats and kittens from bad situations. Believe it or not, most people don't grow up thinking "I'll have 10 cats when I'm older" (or hey, maybe you did), but the fact that cat ladies have it within their hearts to save kittens and raise them as their own proves that they can take care of anything (including you).

2. They know the key to life is balance.

You don't have to worry about us being smothering. As proud cat lovers and owners, we know that sometimes your cat wants love, and sometimes they just need space.

Most women are like cats to begin with, and cat ladies behave very much like cats themselves. We like our space, we respect yours too. We aren't dying for your affections all the time and we are pretty self-sufficient. I'd say it's a win-win. What more could you want in a wife?

3. Cat lovers aren't afraid of commitment.

If you're looking for someone who isn't scared of thinking long-term, a cat lady is just what you need. ​We have already committed to our cats for life, and know the happiness they can bring, so we know the value of settling down (when it's time!).

With that in mind, we also aren't trying to rush into things either. Like cats, we can take a while to warm up to things, so we're pretty respectful of the relationship boundaries, and we'll know when we're ready for something more.

4. They know how to laugh.

Cats are hilarious in their own little ways (there's a reason there are so many cat videos online), so you know we love to laugh.

Admit it, you can't stop watching those cute cat videos either, so if you're married to a cat lady, you'll be able to share those moments together.

5. Cat ladies don't mind sharing the spotlight.

​Just check out all the "meowfies" on Twitter and Instagram! We are pros at getting that purrrrfect, uh... perfect picture and are not embarrassed to share it with everyone we know.

6. They're very responsible.

​We take our cats to the vet when they need them and clean their littler boxes regularly. Sometimes we even have multiple litter boxes — plus toys. We consider ourselves cat moms, so responsibility comes naturally to us, and we like to keep things as tidy as possible.

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7. They won't run just because things are difficult.

​After all, we still love our cats after they've woken us up at all hours of the night to be petted while they sneeze in our faces, puke all over our floors (you'd be surprised how often that happens), or bring us a dead "present." So if your relationship hits a rocky point, we won't just run away and give up.

8. They've learned to appreciate the simple things in life.

It's the little things in life that make us happy. Like when our cat snuggles on top of us, purrs, or sleeps head to head with us. Cat toe beans and that way they knock over you drinks when you don't share them ... really, anything to show us they love us.

We are all about cherishing the little parts of life, and we don't expect to be entertained all the time.

9. Cat ladies are as loyal as it gets.

No one comes between us and our cats, so we know how to be ferociously loyal. And we will do the same for you if you become part of our lives.

Sure, dogs get all the praise when it comes to being loyal, but we don't have to greet you at the door every time you get home to show you how much we care. You'll feel it when we curl up next to you on the couch to watch your favorite shows, and we are always there should you need a shoulder to lean on.

Loyalty's not about being showy — it's about showing up, which is what we are good at.

10. They're great sharers.

We don't complain (much) when we have to share stuff with our cats. Life with a cat means sharing our food, beds, computers, and everything else we own. So come on in, sit down, and have a snack. Make yourself at home! Just don't mind the cat hair.

11. They're happier people.

It's true! Science has proven that having pets can actually help battle depression and help with stress, as well as provide emotional and social support. Who doesn't want to date a happier person?

Also, it's been said that owning a cat has a smaller carbon footprint than owning a dog, so we're just here ... helping the environment one cat at a time.

Lastly, we cat ladies are known to be nicer to date as a whole, so there's that too.

12. Cat lovers are really good at communicating and listening.

We talk to our cats all the time. They may not respond to us, but we always listen (and often respond) to their meows and their body language. This inter-species communication definitely gives us good practice at trying to solve issues with other humans.

The majority of communication in all animals is done through body language, so we've gotten really good at being able to tell when something's wrong, and we're talented at taking social cues (which dogs, well, aren't). So in all, we cat ladies make pretty much perfect wives.

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