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The Freaking ADORABLE Puppy GIF Your Zodiac Sign Needs Today

Photo: Ovchinnikova Stanislava/Shutterstock
The Freaking ADORABLE Puppy GIF Your Zodiac Sign Needs Today

Nothing beats the humdrum of hump day like an adorable puppy. Check out your horoscope to find out which puppy GIF is meant for you.

Aquarius: You love him, you love him not… It’s really up to you what petal you land on. If you can’t decide, just settle for enjoying the present moment.

Pisces: The truth is you would love to travel more, but unless it’s work related, it’s not happening as soon as you’d like. Fret not! Your birthday is around the corner. Drop some hints for a quick getaway.

Aries: You’re going from ram to social butterfly today. Find a group activity, meet-up or sport that’ll get you in the middle of the fun.

Taurus: If you’ve been ho hum about work lately, today takes a serious turn for the better. Some extra money is certainly good incentive, but make sure your heart is in it, too.

Gemini: Many may mistake you for a party animal, but you know you work just as hard as you play. It’s a buckle-down day for sure, but you’ll handle it as always. Your coworkers are loving how you keep it fun, too.

Cancer: Smooth seas will eventually have some rocky waves, but if you have all the right provisions, you will survive. In your case, it’s vitamins, veggies and perhaps a little vino…

Leo: Those killer days at the office are starting to pay off. You can see the perks looming on the horizon. May we suggest blasting “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat?

Virgo: You’re the sign of service, and you can’t help but want to give everyone a hand. But right now, the most important person you need to be helping is you.

Libra: You might literally feel like you’re trying to get over the hump today. You can do it! It might not be your most productive day, but sometimes we need some down time before plunging into deeper things.

Scorpio: Bah, hump day. You’re just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel — but it’s there, promise! Stick to working toward your career goals and cleaning up financial matters today. You’ll feel like you’re running with the big dogs again soon.

Sagittarius: You’re so not motivated today, but nothing a hump day happy hour can’t fix. Hit your favorite dinner spot after work and feel the social love.

Capricorn: Hooray for Wednesday. Knowing there are only two days left in the work week is exactly the inspiration you need to get through the day. Don’t push yourself too hard the remainder of this week. You want to be in good shape for the weekend.