11 Reasons Women Who Love Dogs Make The BEST Wives

Photo: weheartit
women who love dogs

We've all heard the saying that dogs are man's best friend. But there is another lesser known saying: "Dog lovers can make the best wives."

Ok, so it might not actually be a saying, but here are 11 reasons why it probably should be. And why you should love a dog lover.

1. We have big hearts.


Whether we rescue our furry friends or buy them, no one can deny our hearts grow from having such an adorable furry animal to love.

2.We won't run away from commitment.


Having a dog is no simple thing, and we know it's a commitment we've made for life. When the time comes to talk about commitment, we won't run the other way.

3.We know how to have a ball.


We know how to play, and more importantly, how to throw a ball around. How can you not love a girl who knows how to really throw a ball?

4. We are great at sharing.


We share our food and beds with these best friends purely out of the goodness of our hearts. Sharing with you won't bother us, even if you don't use those sad puppy-dog eyes.

5.We are fiercely loyal.


While it's true we may sometimes put our dogs first (okay, who are we kidding- we always put them first), it just shows that we are loyal. Treat us right, we might just share our loyalty with you, too. And when we're loyal, nothing will stand in our way. 

6. We don't sweat the small stuff.


Our beloved dogs have stolen our shoes and reduced them to shreds, and we still love them. So you know we will be more forgiving if you mess something up ... the small mistakes at least.

7. Dog people tend to thoughtful.


We are the kind of people who clean up after our dogs, and cannot resist buying the perfect gift when we come across it. Think of how thoughtful we would be to you!

8. We are responsible.


Having a pet dog (or two or three) is no small task. We make sure to take our dogs to the vet, that they're groomed, and have had a walk. If you are looking for a responsible girl, look no further!

9. We have a playful nature.


Having a dog has taught us that sometimes you need to roll around in the snow and just have a good time.

10. Dog people are happier people.


It's true! Science says having a pet dog can help battle depression, relieve stress and provide emotional support. So where is the harm in being with someone who is happy?

11. We have great practice being moms.


Whether we've raised our dogs from puppies or not, we know that sometimes it's hard to take care of those we love like babies. We've walked our dogs in all sorts of weather and helped them when they were sick, so you know we will be ready for the crying and 2 AM feedings (if having kids is something you're both looking for).