Ow, Ow! 6 Acrobatic Sex Positions For Cocky Bedroom Show-Offs

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Cocky Bedroom Show-Offs

If you consider yourself a goddess in the bedroom, here are a few sex positions even the cockiest of show-offs would be pleased to try.

1. Standing missionary

"He holds on to her legs, just behind the back of the knee. She should wrap her arms around your neck, and now we see how long until his biceps catch on fire!" says adult film star Derrick Pierce.

2. Single leg standing doggy style

"Have her bend over the bed or counter. After he's inside her, he should reach down toward her knee (on the outside of the leg) and pull her knee/leg up so it's off the ground and cradled in his arm. Usually, she will hold herself up with one arm instead of two," says Pierce.

3. Kama Sutra clock

"She's bent over the edge of the bed, belly on the bed, ass out. He's standing behind her and thrusting, but what makes this an extremely athletic and cocky move is that he turns his torso until his hands are on the floor. His legs are in the air in a handstand, and then he can go to a 90-degree angle by putting his feet on the bed by her shoulders so he's in a pike handstand," says sex and relationship expert Psalm Isadora.

4. Standing Jack Hammer

For this position, he has to stand with his knees bent in a partial squat while she has her arms around his neck. Her legs are wrapped around his waist and he's pumping his hips "like a jack hammer."

5. Standing rear entry

She faces the wall and he enters from behind. This position requires physical strength, but also has a power play of submission and domination.

6. Sexy Splits

"The Sexy Splits position makes deeper penetration perfectly targeted, as she winds her hips and curves her body to target her favorite spots. He can plant his hands on her hips to guide his penis into her or pull her close for some passionate kissing," says sexologist, Dr. Jess.

"He lies on his back with his legs spread, and she climbs on top. Balancing on one knee between his legs, she places her other foot flat on the mattress next to his shoulder so she assumes a partial lunge position. She rides away, curving her hips in large oval motions and grinding her vulva against his mons," she says.