7 Masturbation Experiences You Must Have Before You Get Old And Die

Why wait until you get home to do the dirty? ;)

sexy lips

Having a little fun "alone" time is always a good idea, but you haven't lived until you've tried these extra hot scenarios. So relax with your hand or a vibrator, and try out these masturbation experiences before you die.

1. In the shower (Helloooo, showerheard!)

This is a simple shower booster to try as you get ready for the morning. Grab your favorite waterproof toy and charge yourself up. It’s the perfect way to start the day on an invigorated sexy note.


2. During your lunch break, in a bathroom stall

There are many incognito toys you can pack in your bag to use at the office on a lunch break. A pocket rocket or lipstick vibe will do the trick just fine. Before you head in to the private ladies room (don't try this in a public, multi-stalled bathroom), get busy in your brain to minimize how much time you spend in the stall.

"Fantasize a sexy scenario for five minutes so you're mentally turned on beforehand. Then, have a quick O and return to your Powerpoint presentation and social media planning session," says Dana Myers of Booty ParlorYour co-workers may wonder what the glow is all about.


3. While sitting in traffic, bored out of your mind

Why sit in traffic building up road rage when you could have a wonderful wank instead? Keep a pocket vibrator in your glove compartment and turn it on next time you're in a deadlock. This isn't for everyone — you need to have a car where you ride high up (like an SUV) and have good control over your facial expression so others don't see you. And make sure your car is at a full stop to avoid accidents.

4. In front of your partner, naked as a bird

"Not only will your partner be turned on by the visual, but this is also a great way to give a live demo of exactly what you like," says Tristan Weedmark, We-Vibe's global passion ambassador.


5. Long-distance with a partner

App-enabled products like the We-Vibe 4 Plus take sexting to another level, says Weedmark. Let your partner control the vibes remotely, whether you're in your bedroom or out running errands.

6. In public (HOT, HOT, HOT.)

Whether it's under a table at dinner or under a blanket on an airplane, having a private moment in public can be absolutely amazing. And worrying if someone will see you is half the fun.


7. In a hotel, just for the novelty of it

Yes, it's just another bed, but there's something extra delicious and indulgent about it.