Watch What Happens When Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time

Photo: BriaAndChrissy
Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time

Their reactions? Priceless.

We've shown you gay men touching boobs and lesbians touching a penis for the first time. And now, BriaAndChrissy have brought us another installment: gay men touching vaginas for the first time. Much like lesbians touching a penis for the first time, these men were obviously nervous, with one man sweating profusely and another letting out a loud shriek.

So what did these men think it would be like to touch a vagina? One man said he was afraid he would fall into it, another hoped he didn't lose a finger, and a third thought it would smell like tuna.

The "vagina model," Stevie, took her panties off, and with the snap of a latex glove, the men looked directly at a vagina for the first time. Their reactions were priceless. One man said Stevie's vagina looked like a deflated balloon, and another was surprised at the amount of folds the vagina had. The same man who had a minor freak out beforehand felt like he had just pet a small animal.

But the best part? Not surprisingly, the gay men had a lot of trouble finding the clitoris (much like a lot of straight men). And it's just a great reminder that these men are 100 percent gay.

Check out the full video: