Watch What Happens When Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time

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What Happened When Lesbians Touched A Penis For First Time

"I've never touched a penis before" is something these lesbians will never say again.

YouTube channel BriaAndChrissy put three lesbians up to the task of touching a penis for the first time, using actor Aleks Malczewski as a willing model.

All three women were outwardly nervous, with one saying that public speaking and nearly getting hit by a car didn't make her as nervous as this would.

The ladies all made predictions as to what they thought a penis would feel like. YouTuber Arielle Scarcella predicted a penis would feel like "loose skin" from when you take a cat to the veterinarian and they shave an area for an injection. The other women said they thought it would feel like "a bag of raisins" or a snake.

So what were the reactions to touching a penis?

One lesbian said it reminded her of when she was a butcher and would stuff turkey necks with corn on the cob, as well as hot dog that's been left out all day at a picnic. Another said it felt like a noodle, or playdoh that's been warmed up. Scarcella said it felt similar to a vagina in terms of it feeling like skin ... and then she immediately called her mom to tell her the news!

At the end, the lesbians expressed their relief at having crossed this off their list of things they never thought they would do.

They also made it clear that they are definitely lesbians.

Check out the video here: