Watch What Happens When Gay Men Touch Boobs For The First Time

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What Happens When Gay Men Touch Boobs For The First Time

BriaAndChrissy have done it again! Except, instead of lesbians touching penises for the first time, we can now watch gay men touch boobs for the first time. Strange but entertaining, am I right?

Similar to the first video, the four men expressed how they felt about touching boobs for the first time. One man said, "Right now I feel pretty good ... because I haven't touched any boobs yet," while another compared the experience to learning how to swim by being thrown into a pool.

Unlike the lesbians and the penises, the men didn't seem too nervous about touching breasts. Well, except one man who freaked out while attempting to touch one, and screamed about how squishy they felt.

So how did these gay men feel about touching boobs?

One described the feeling as poking a jellyfish with a stick, and another compared them to a thawing chicken breast. Another said the boobs felt like "a pumpkin on Halloween, except it's molded over and falling apart in your hands squishy, wet, soggy."

The men did agree that boobs were OK, though not their preference. "They'd be nice to snuggle in," said one man. Another commented that "They're part of the body. They're beautiful in their own right. I might not want them for myself, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate them."

They've certainly got the right attitude.

Overall, these men were certain about one thing: they are totally NOT straight. I mean, duh.

Check out the video here: