5 Craaazy Things To Tell About A Man JUST By Looking At His Fingers

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CRAZY Things A Man's Fingers Reveal About Him


You can tell a lot about men by their fingers, and not just if they're married.

Some people believe that you can read fingers the way you would read a palm — the stronger the finger, the stronger the characteristic. For instance, if your thumb is strong, then you're driven to succeed; if it's your ring finger that's strong, you're very creative and like to be in the spotlight.

An article on Medical Daily explains the five things a man's fingers can reveal about him, both medically and physically.

1. The size of his penis: Yep, you can tell a man's penis size from his fingers — his index finger to be specific. The length of his second finger corresponds with the size of his penis.

2. The masculinity of his face: Not sure why you can't just look at his face to know how masculine or feminine it is, but OK. The ratio between a man's index and ring finger (referred to as the 2D:4D ratio) can indicate the masculinity of his facial features. The bigger the difference in the 2D:4D ratio, the more masculine.

3. His sexual orientation: Gay men and women show a smaller ratio difference than straight men or women, implying that sexual orientation may be determined before birth.

4. His responsiveness to anti-tumor drugs: If your hands are evenly shaped, then you may respond better than those with unevenly shaped hands to anti-tumor drugs, especially those used in conjunction with treating prostate cancer.

5. If there's any indication of aortic stiffness: Arterial stiffness is one of the earliest detectable manifestations of adverse and functional changes within the vessel wall.

So now, when a man puts his hands on the table, he's not just being direct with you; he's telling you some very intimate details about his health.