Drummers Are More Intelligent Than Everyone Else, Says Study

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Drummers Are Cognitive Geniuses

It's one of those common movie stereotypes: In a rock band, the lead singer/guitarist is presumably the leader, the keyboardist the smart one, the bass player is the bad boy, and the drummer is the simpleton. Then you get one scene or two where the simpleton drummer has a moment of genius, and everybody stares at him like he's grown two heads.

But it turns out, according to science, that stroke of genius may not be too far from the truth.

In a study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, researchers studied volunteers taking a 60-question intelligence test while keeping in time to a drumstick. They found that those with the best sense of rhythm scored better.

"The rhythmic accuracy in brain activity that is observed when a person maintains a steady beat is also important to the problem-solving capacities measured with the intelligence tests," said professor Frederic Ullen.

This intelligence actually has more to do with rhythm than actual drumming. Other studies have shown that a good sense of rhythm improves cognitive function.

An Oxford University study found that most musicians, such as drummers, produce endorphins while playing, giving them a "natural high." This makes them happier and allows them to have a much higher pain tolerance. 

Not only that, but Harvard researchers found that drummers have a different internal clock that imitates rhythm found in human brainwaves, sleep heart rates, and feline auditory nerve firings.

So not only do drummers make hot boyfriends (and girlfriends!), they're smarter, happier, and move to the beat of their own body. 

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