His Sex Drive: 3 Ways To Control The Best (And Worst) Part Of A Man

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Sex Drive - Controlling The Best & Worst Part of a Man

Sex is a universal concept that we all love, and sometimes hate. It's typically a trait women both love and hate about men. Making love is one of the most incredible experiences for men and women, especially when it's for the right reasons. Sex can fill a relationship and marriage with passion; it's the fire of love. Sex is something all men crave, desire, and want. It's probably one of testosterone's biggest "highs" for us men.

So how is sex bad? It's not. Sex is a powerful experience when engaged with passion and innocence. It's what builds that attraction between opposite sexes. The subliminal reason men chase women directly correlates with their sex drive.

But there's one problem with sex drive for men and it's controlling it.

Controlling a sex drive for a man is ... well, let's say it's not easy. Many men tend to let it lead their ambitions and priorities down the wrong path. They become less productive and can be often distracted by it. As a result, it can ultimately ruin their chances with the right woman by saying the wrong things, getting too touchy, or aggravating their wives when they get a little too "lovey" in public.

Figuring out the best way for taming this desire is about as hard as training a champion stallion. It's possible though, so let's look at ways for men to tame that inner stallion with the help of women.

1. Encourage him to find a passion or hobby as a distraction.

This is usually a hit or miss solution for my clients, but it's always worth a shot. Getting away from provocative websites and going out to do something you truly enjoy can take your mind off of sex dramatically. I can't tell you how many guys I work with who are IT professionals. They constantly complain about the provocative material and pop-ups they see across the web throughout their day.

Find a passion to engage your mind with. If you find something to do that you love, then you're less likely to find yourself dreaming about sex. Some great suggestions for this would be wood-working, fishing, golf, or playing guitar. Get creative and have fun with life.

2. Push him to get his ass to the gym.

If all you do is sit at a desk all day just to find yourself at home that evening sitting on the couch, you haven't burned much energy. You're filled with energy from your day that wasn't burned off. Therefore, you have too much energy and nothing to think about but watching your gorgeous partner walking around the house. It will get the best of you.

Get out and go for a walk. Run around your neighborhood. If you're in shape, then put in a fast-paced 30-minute workout at the gym. That will do the trick.

Burning this energy will not only tire you, but it will kill your sex drive for the day, as your body will be in recovery mode. It benefits you in that way, but it also will start leaving you looking better for your partner. You can get fit and kill that sex drive in one motion.

3. Help him get it out of his system.

This is exactly what it sounds like. This is the only 100 percent effective method. When men are aroused, the easiest way to kill the arousal is for them to climax. Yes, I said it: Get it over with. That is why men often masturbate more than women. To help control the male sex drive, get intimate with your partner (or intimate by yourself if needed). Once you do this, it will clear up your mind.

What's the point of all this? Don't let sex control your life. You must control the sex drive.

If you're a woman, you can subliminally encourage your husband with these methods. However, don't think these rules only work for men. Don't think of sex as a bad thing. It's one of the most beautiful moments a couple can share. It's only a concern when it becomes more of a nuisance or distraction in life.

This article was originally published at Why Don't Girls Like Me & How To Fix It. Reprinted with permission from the author.