9 No-Holds-Barred Signs You're A Shameless Drama Queen

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drama queen

By Julia Bailey Fenton

Let’s face it, nobody appreciates a drama queen… but most of us aren’t willing to admit when we’re being one. 

That selfish and ugly attitude isn’t just turning off your man (or woman), it’s also pushing away your friends and loved ones. We all have our moments, but let’s try to keep them to a minimum. 

So before you get confrontational, and swear that this doesn’t apply to you, check out some of these sure signs that you are in fact, being a drama queen:

1. You find a way to make everything about yourself, even when it’s not. 

When someone else is telling you a story, somehow the topic always turns back to your issues, which is also why…

2. You’re a terrible listener.  

This is probably the reason your friends don’t often ask you for advice.

3. You crave juicy gossip.  

Whether it’s celebrity nonsense or real acquaintances, you love to talk about people behind their backs (which means you also suck at keeping secrets).

4. You get angry or upset very easily. 

You can try to blame it on hormones, but people walk on eggshells around you all month long. Plus…

5. There are no little things. 

You find a way to turn every teeny tiny petty issue into a hugely dramatic ordeal. It’s exhausting, it’s obnoxious, and it’s unnecessary.

6. You’re judgmental. 

Whether it’s someone’s fashion choice, or their choice in romantic partners, you usually have a (negative) opinion about it.

7. You don’t take criticism well.  

Even when it’s constructive. You are always playing defense, and you have a snarky comeback ready to go, hence why…

8. You’re always right. 

No… not really, but in you’re mind you are. Your boyfriend doesn’t even bother arguing with you anymore, because it’s a lost cause. Instead, he resorts to just walking away, or takes some time to cool off and let it go.

9. You’re spoiled rotten.  

Whether it’s your parents fault or Bae’s, you are used to getting your way, and you’re expectations are unrealistically through the roof. In this case, you are only setting up yourself (and those around you) for disappointment.

So before you go burning bridges, try to simmer down and ask yourself, why are you such a drama queen? 

It might just be a temporary phase you are going through, or there could be real underlying issues that you’ve been ignoring. Either way, it’s time to take off that tiara and do some soul searching, before you find yourself searching for new friends.

This article was originally published at BlogHer. Reprinted with permission from the author.