5 Couples Vibrator Sex Positions You Need To Try, Like, IMMEDIATELY

Two heads are better than one.

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Let’s get one thing clear: when it comes to the bedroom, the phrase "three’s a crowd" is totally FALSE. There’s a whole new level of bedroom play where the stigma of using sex toys for self-pleasure has long since faded away.

We’ve all had our guy whisper seductively (ok, text): "I want to watch you please yourself with your toy." If you ask me, I’d rather enjoy and partake in a little threesome with an electronic vibrating friend and my playmate. Sharing is caring, after all.


In short? Vibes and couples having great sex are not mutually exclusive.

This how-to guide on vibrator sex positions will give your love life a makeover and bring double the pleasure (and many Os) for you and your man:

1. The Underhanded Missionary

Next time you and your man go classic with missionary, take out your vibe and softly run your hand up and down his perineum — it will send him off to planet orgasm.


2. The Water Rocker

Everything is better when wet. Draw a bubble bath for two and have your partner lie down, while you get in a sitting position and brace yourself for a whole new experience you both will want to do again and again.

You can use a waterproof vibe like the TIANI 3 couples massager ($169) to give you and your man the sweetest benefit of all. Equipped with 6 vibration patterns and a pretty handy wireless remote that vibrates, this dual device is designed to stimulate your G-spot internally for you and externally be pleasurable for your man.


Start with the lowest setting and allow your man to slowly build you both up all the way to the sixth power setting... if you can handle it.

3. The Multi-Tasker

Have your man lie on his back, and while on top of him in one of these vibrator sex positions, take your vibe (or finger vibe) and softly graze his shoulders, down the middle of his chest, down to his torso, across his hip bones, and finally his inner thighs, which is sure to get a reaction.


Now that he’s turned on and ready, use the vibe to pleasure your lady parts as you go down on him. They don’t call it The Multi-Tasker for no reason; it will be challenging to concentrate with so many sensations and moans going on, but practice makes perfect, right?

4. The Sitting Dance

Most vibes come with multiple settings, but not all come with a voice responsive technology (Siri 2, $159), which allows your vibe to respond to the music or your lover’s voice. So, next time there’s absolutely nothing to watch on TV, turn up some music and find a song with a rhythmic beat.


Using the internal part of the vibe, sit on your partner’s lap in the same direction as him, and move to the beat of the song. The rhythm will trigger your vibe to pulse vibrations that will bring you both to the most stunning, stimulating climax. Pro tip: Put a couple tracks on loop and repeat.

5. The Hot and Cold Rollercoaster


For an intense climax that is sure to be as stimulating as the ride getting there, tie your man’s hands and blindfold him — keeping him in anticipation with every surprising sensation you give him. With a couple of ice cubes in hand, start by tracing his lips and whetting his appetite — slowly making your way down to his happy trail that ends with a warm happy ending.

Switch it up. Give your man free reign, while blindfolded allowing him to use your vibe any way he pleases (trust us, you’ll thank him later).