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The Top 5 'Hottest' Names In The World, Says Study

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The Top 5 'Hottest' Names In The World, Says Study

There are many things that factor into having an attraction towards someone.

There is, of course, physical attraction. Some people may prefer their romantic partners to have a certain hair color or eye color. Or, they may be more attracted to people of a certain height.

Then, there's personality. Do you often look for someone who will make you laugh? Or, perhaps, it's someone's intelligence that attracts you to them. Are they able to hold an interesting conversation about important topics? 

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Maybe you're attracted to a world traveler, or maybe you only adhere to the rules of astrology when it comes to your dating life, and there's no way that you'd ever go for a zodiac sign who doesn't match up with yours. 

There are so many characteristics that may draw an individual to a specific type of person — that's why we tend to have a type, after all!

But there is one lesser known factor that we may have never even realized could be an indicator of attraction: someone's name!

As it turns out, there are certain names that are considered to be more attractive than others. Have you ever heard someone's name for the first time and thought, "Wow, that's a hot name," even if you've never met them before?

Well, the dating app The Grade probably had this exact same thought when they decided to conduct a survey on what the hottest names are. Similar to Tinder, they decided to base their matches on swipes.

By using incoming right swipes, they found out which hot people have equally "hot" names. Let's find out which names are considered to be the "hottest". 

These are the top 5 female names:

  1. Brianna (70 percent)
  2. Erika (69 percent)
  3. Lexi (67 percent)
  4. Brooke (65 percent)
  5. Vanessa (65 percent)

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And these are the top 5 male names:

  • Brett (24 percent)
  • Tyler (23 percent)
  • Corey (23 percent)
  • Andy (23 percent)
  • Noah (23 percent)

Does this mean that every single person on this list is the hottest of the hot, and that the rest are just a lesser kind of hot? Can it truly predict who you'll eventually end up with, based solely on just someone's first name?

Most likely not. As we mentioned before, attraction is complicated, and while some people may find certain names to be "hotter" than others, there are still multiple factors that go into finding "the one."

Because, at the end of the day, it's what's inside that counts, not what your parents chose to name you!

However, it is definitely interesting to see which people on dating sites are getting the most attention. It can make you curious as to what the Briannas and the Bretts of the world are doing right in the complicated and scary world of online dating.

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Caithlin Pena is an editor for YourTango who enjoys books, movies, and writes about astrology and lifestyle topics.

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in November 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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