These Are The Top 5 'Hottest' Names In The World, Says Study

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Top 5 "Hottest" Names, According To Online Dating Apps

Do you make the list?

Have you ever heard someone's name for the first time and think, "Wow, that's a hot name," even if you've never met them?

The dating app The Grade probably had this exact same thought. Like Tinder, they base their matches on swipes. Using incoming right swipes, they found out which hot people have equally "hot" names. 

These are the top 5 female names:

  1. Brianna (70 percent)
  2. Erika (69 percent)
  3. Lexi (67 percent)
  4. Brooke (65 percent)
  5. Vanessa (65 percent)

And these are the top 5 male names:

  1. Brett (24 percent)
  2. Tyler (23 percent)
  3. Corey (23 percent)
  4. Andy (23 percent)
  5. Noah (23 percent)

Does this mean that every single person on this list are the hottest of the hot, and the rest are just a lesser kind of hot? Can it truly predict who you'll eventually end up with based on name alone? 

Most likely not. However, it's interesting to see which people on dating sites are getting the most attention. It makes you curious as to what the Briannas and the Bretts of the world are doing right in the complicated and scary world of online dating.