Watch This Grown AF Trick Or Treater Steal Candy Bars From Kids

Photo: weheartit
trick or treat

One word: GROSS!

We all love Halloween, I stand by that — even as I approach 23. But, I know that certain aspects of it are for the kids and we've got to let them have it ... like the candy.

Yes! I'm proposing that at a certain age you've got to give up the trick or treating aspect of Halloween and advance onward. Why? Because it's just greedy and selfish ... and perhaps strange that an adult is soliciting other adults for candy  — some might say you're quite literally tricking for treats.

Which is why in watching a YouTuber's footage of adults snatching candy from their porch, after deciding to pass out candy on an honor system, disgusted me just a little.

The part that really struck a nerve was seeing an oversized woman, stuffed in a size too small costume ... much like a pig in a blank.

That's probably harsh but I can't help but side eye this woman who should probably only be eating weight watcher approved candies, as she greedily takes a shit ton of full sized candy bars.

Wait, it gets worse! Right before she leaves, it looks like she's arguing with a kid that's legitimately half her size. Someone has to check this lady. Please.

Take a look for yourself, as this lady goes in on the candy dish!