Watch This Grown Trick Or Treater Steal Candy Bars From Kids

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We all love Halloween. I stand by that, even as I approach 23. But I know that certain aspects of it are for the kids, and we've got to let them have it. Like the Halloween candy.

Yes! I'm proposing that at a certain age you've got to give up the trick or treating aspect of Halloween and advance onward.

Why? Because it's just greedy and selfish, and perhaps strange that an adult is soliciting other adults for candy. 

Some might say you're quite literally tricking for treats.

This is why, in 2015, when I was watching a YouTuber's footage of adults snatching candy from their porch, after deciding to pass out candy on an honor system, I became a little disgusted.  

She was stealing Halloween candy.

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The part that really struck a nerve was seeing an oversized woman, stuffed in a size too small costume, much like a pig in a blanket, doing it.

That's probably harsh, but I can't help but side-eye this woman who should probably only be eating candy that belongs to her, as she greedily takes a ton of full-sized candy bars.

Wait, it gets worse! Right before she leaves, it looks like she's arguing with a kid that's legitimately half her size.

Someone has to check this lady. Please. Take a look for yourself as this lady goes in on the candy dish.

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This is becoming a sad but frequent trend on a night that is supposed to be about little kids having fun, going door to door collecting candy and enjoying the decorations and costumes.

It has turned into moms selfishly pouring the whole bucket of candy into a bag, teens stealing handfuls of candy at a time when the sign says take one, and people being caught on camera while doing it.

More and more people are installing cameras around their houses, especially those that are connected to the doorbell.

They are able to catch people doing things when they think they are not being watched.

It's insane the lengths people will go to because, after they leave, the empty bucket disappoints each and every child that comes after them.

Just because they wanted to be greedy and take all the candy that wasn't meant for them.

This is a tragedy and something that adults should know better than to do. It's a night for the kids, not for the adults.

So, instead of taking candy away from children, why not just get out there and have fun? It's the experience that counts, not the amount of candy.

It's a fun night that teaches children patience, manners, politeness, and even the honor system.

All the while they are running around having fun dressing up and seeing other people in costumes.

There is just no room or need for greed here.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in November 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

Kiarra Sylvester is a freelance writer and contributor to YourTango, HuffPost, CafeMom,, and more.