5 Things You MUST Know About Canada's Sexy New Prime Minister

He'll have you singing "Oh, Canada."

Justin Trudeau Wikimedia Commons

Did you know Canada elected a new prime minister yesterday? It was a victory not only for Canada's liberal party, but also for cardiologists everywhere due to the sheer amount of fluttering hearts he's going to cause.

Seriously, the internet is basically having a panic attack right now over how handsome and sexy he is. And isn't it about time?

Politics is rife with shriveled old dudes whose speeches could be interrupted at any moment for a replacement heart. We're looking at you, Dick Cheney (although in his case, he has an artificial heart powered by eating whichever orphan children have the most hope).


Political commentary is a job for your news outlet of choice. No one is going to confuse me for a BBC reporter, so let's talk about what else makes Justin Trudeau a truly prime minister.

1. He's a renaissance man.

According to The Washington Post, Justin Trudeau has been a "high school teacher, snowboard instructor, nightclub bouncer and bungee jump coach. He also acted in the film The Great War, playing a war hero."

So, just to run down the list, we have sweet, cool, badass, AND dreamy guy. Pack up shop, other dudes. It's over. We've lost.


2. He once performed a striptease for charity.

Removing (some of) his close to help raise money for liver disease, Justin Trudeau proved he supports at least two charitable causes. He stopped short of the Full Monty, but this sneak peek surely left many fans yearning for a charitable donation of their own.

3. He's an avid boxer.

Need we say more? OK, we will. Justin Trudeau apparently boxes a few times per week, and even beat Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match in Ottawa. So, he can kill with his looks AND his bare hands.

4. He wants to legalize marijuana in Canada.

He's handsome, smart, powerful and physically gifted ... no way he can be cool too, right? Wrong. Trudeau has said he wants to follow Colorado's model and legalize marijuana "right away." Sounds like a fun dude to party with.


All photos: Instagram/justinpjtrudeau

5. He has a tattoo on his left biceps.


Apparently, Trudeau's tattoo depicts earth surrounded by a raven. At this point, it's not even fair.