Meet McHusky: The Sexy Doctor All The Ladies Drool About Online

Forget McDreamy and McSteamy. Give us some McHusky instead.

doctor mike Instagram/doctor.mike

Meet Dr. Mike. You may have seen pictures from his Instagram floating around the internet, ever since BuzzFeed discovered his swoon-worthy account.

Dr. Mike is a second-year medical student who recently completed his internship and started his residency at a New York City hospital. Not only does he own his scrubs and doctor's coat, but he's also best friends with his stunning husky named Roxy.


Sounds sexy already, right? In case you haven't heard of him, here are some pictures that will give you a serious need to see a doctor.

He clearly knows how to play around and have fun.

And did we mention his adorable husky, Roxy?


Not to mention those dreamy eyes...

He and Roxy are the perfect cuddle buddies.


Oh yeah, and he wears scrubs ... and makes them look good.

He can rock a suit, too...


... And a tank top. Just look at those muscles!

Or, you know, without a shirt at all.


All photos: Instagram/doctor.mike

So really, what's NOT to like?