Couple Reenacts "101 Dalmatians" For The Best Engagement Photos EVER

Couple Recreates Scene

DYING over the cuteness.

Just when you thought you've seen enough of everyday people recreating scenes from their favorite movies, I doubt you've seen anything as sweet as this.

Singers Tony Collier and Corinne Jones are an engaged couple from Illinois who recreated scenes from 101 Dalmatians as their engagement photos. The couple originally met at The University of Illinois, and then went on to work at Disney World together, which is just so fitting!

We all know that memorable scene from the movie: strangers Roger and Anita are in the park with their dogs, Pongo and Perdita, when Pongo purposely wraps his leash around Anita's legs, forcing them to meet. The couple then falls in love, as do their dogs, and thus begins their overpopulated brood.

The couple used their own dogs, Mookie and Izabella, in the photoshoot, and let's just say these pictures are a super-sweet way to celebrate an engagement:

All photos: Melissa Biggerstaff