Couple Reenacts "101 Dalmatians" For The Best Engagement Photos Ever

Dying over the cuteness.

Couple Reenacts "101 Dalmatians" For Engagement Photos Melissa Biggerstaff / Rusty Lion Art

Just when you thought that you've seen about enough of everyday people recreating scenes from their favorite movies, I doubt you've seen anything as sweet as this photoshoot. 

Surely, you remember a little movie called 101 Dalmatians. Well, in 2015, one couple decided to recreate an iconic scene from the equally iconic 1961 animated movie for their engagement photos.

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Singers Tony Collier and Corinne Jones were an engaged couple from Illinois who recreated scenes from 101 Dalmatians as their 2015 engagement photos. And Collier and Jones just happened to have a love story that was just as epic and, not to mention, Disney-themed as the two characters from the popular movie.

The couple originally met at The University of Illinois back in 2009, and then went on to work at Disney World together after obtaining their degrees, which is just so fitting! I mean, come on, can you say a perfect match made in (Disneyland) heaven?

Collier trained at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Jones taught youth groups about the railroad. 


As for the epic photos, we all know that memorable scene from the movie: two strangers, Roger and Anita, are in the park with their respective dogs, Pongo and Perdita, when Pongo purposely wraps his leash around Anita's legs, forcing them to meet. 

The couple then falls in love, as do their dogs, and thus, begins their overpopulated brood of 101 adorable pups, hence the infamous title of the movie. 

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The couple used their own dogs, Mookie and Izabella, in the photoshoot, and let's just say that these pictures are a super-sweet (and creative) way to celebrate an engagement.

The photos were shot by Jones's cousin, photographer Melissa Biggerstaff, who commented on Facebook alongside the photos from the shoot. 

"This is my totally awesome cousin Corinne and her fiance Tony! I had the honor to shoot their engagement photos!! She had her heart set on recreating a cute scene from her favorite Disney movie. She is the BIGGEST 101 Dalmatians fan! I think they turned out pretty great! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment," Biggerstaff said.


And they were all quite shocked to find out just how popular their photoshoot had become.

At the time, Jones commented, "We knew some Disney fans would like our photos, but we were stunned to see just how many!" 

Jones and Collier tied the knot in summer 2016 and live in Naperville, Illinois. They are both now teachers for special education and music in middle and high school.


However, it is not known if their dogs ever had 101 puppies of their own. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in September 2015 and was updated with the latest information.