See Lightning Strike In This Couple's Epic Engagement Photo

We wish we were them.

See Lightning Strike In This Couple's Epic Engagement Photo StaniG / Shutterstock

By Kelsey Borresen

In 2014, wedding photographer Elizabeth van der Bij of ENV Photography was meeting her clients, Kassandra and Craig, on a field in Canada so that they could shoot their engagement photos on a perfectly normal Wednesday.

But little did they know what was about to happen. It was during this engagement photo shoot that clouds would start to roll in, and an absolutely epic moment would happen.


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Shortly after they arrived at the chosen field in Edmonton, Alberta, where they were going to start shooting the couple's photos, the skies had turned black and the wind started to pick up.

At first, they thought they might have just been dealing with a simple rain shower, which they probably were not going to let get in the way of their special photos of course, so the couple grabbed their umbrella and posed for a few shots admist the developing storm.

Then, something incredible happened when van der Bij noticed lightning striking in the distance.


So, armed with some excellent timing and crazy good luck, she was able to successfully capture this awesome, once-in-a-lifetime moment:

It's a totally epic photo, right?! Van der Bij has some serious skills. 

"I shot crazy fast while fighting the wind so we could get out of there," the photographer had told HuffPost Weddings via email at the time. "I was hoping to catch the lightning in one, but didn't really expect it to happen!"


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They got the shot and then they ran back to their cars, which were parked nearby. Van der Bij said that they were watching the lightning the whole time, and once they saw it moving closer, they immediately ended the session and got the heck out of there.

And because we figured that there would probably be some naysayers claiming that the picture was photoshopped, we had van der Bij send us proof that the shot was, indeed, real.

She showed us the raw uploads of all the frames she had shot before she captured the perfect, jaw-dropping moment.

In her Facebook comments, van der Bij had also admitted that she couldn't have faked it even if she had tried, since, according to her, her photoshop skills "suck." Well, you may think your photoshop skills aren't very good, but who needs that anyway when you're as amazingly talented as van der Bij?


She wrote that, “There’s about 30 others when the lightning didn’t strike just like it. We were hoping to get lightning in the background, but didn’t think it would end up looking like that!”

Well, we all know what they say about lightening never striking the same place twice, so we're sure that Kassandra and Craig and van der Bij, also, will be remembering this epic moment long after their big day passes! 

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