What's Hiding In This Photo Had One Couple Racing To Get Married

It's a good thing they like each other, because after something like this they have to get married.

What's Hiding In This Photo Had One Couple Racing To Get Married Getty Images

A young couple in China just got married.

She works at a dental clinic. He’s a retired soldier. They were friends for years until the relationship evolved into something more. Then, before you know it, wedding bells.

It’s a simple enough story with a very romantic twist.

Wang Ming and Zhu Haiyan consider themselves soulmates.

It isn’t just the their starry-eyed newlywed love talking, either. Not long into their friendship, during a visit to Zhu’s house, the couple was going through photographs and found something amazing.


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It was a photo from an old family friend’s wedding.

Watching the bride and groom as they processed out of the wedding reception? Wang and Zhu!

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Though neither of the couple remembered this meeting, their families confirmed that yes, that was Wang and yes, that was Zhu.

The story gets even funnier. It turns out that Wang wasn’t even invited to the wedding! He says he was probably just walking down the street and heard all of the fuss and wanted to see what was happening.


Thank goodness he did.

Both Wang and Zhu believed from that moment on that fate had been leading them towards each other.

It’s one thing to find a random photograph of you and your current piece of arm candy, it’s another to find that said photograph is of you two staring at a bride and groom.

I mean, I certainly hope you like the person you’re dating because now you kind of have to get married. Yep. Sorry, no choice.


Fate has decreed it must be so and who are we to funk with fate, as the Black Eyed Peas might say.

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All photos: Daily Mail

I don’t know that I believe in fate. But I do people in the power of coincidence.


I can imagine just how these two friends felt when their eyes locked on their younger selves in these photos.

That prickling at the back of the neck when you realize something strange has happened, the giddiness that comes with moments like these, moments when you realize just how small and connected the world really is.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on June 16, 2016 and was updated with the latest information.