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Why We Just Can't Stop Hating On Miley Cyrus (But Really Should)

Photo: Tumblr
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Miley Cyrus is everywhere. Seriously, you can’t escape her, even if you try.

Each time she’s trending on social media, she seems to get weirder and weirder. Every time you turn around she’s either got her tongue out or she’s naked.

Since her performance at the 2014 VMAs with Robin Thicke, she’s been flaunting her sexuality, stripping down and toking it up.

The common responses are: We “miss the old Miley”; she’s so trashy; and why doesn’t her dad step in and DO something about her behavior.

Yes, it seems while the world LOVES Miley’s music, a bunch of people out there just HATE her personality (or persona). But they’re all hating for the wrong reasons. Here’s why:

1) They hate her because she's not Hannah Montana anymore.

Listen: Miley isn’t a kid anymore. Everyone’s hung up on her sweet, innocent Hannah Montana character. But why? Hannah Montana ended years ago! Let it go, people! Expecting Miley to be the same person she was as a teenager is unfair. She’s an adult allowed to do what she wants. Even her dad can’t stop her. (How would you like it if someone who remembered you as a kid told you to stop being yourself and is wondered why your dad isn’t making you stop? Yeah, weird.)

2) They hate her because she’s obnoxious.

Let’s talk obnoxious. You know who’s obnoxious? Justin Bieber. But I NEVER see anybody wondering why his mother isn’t doing anything about him and his behavior. I mean, he’s a “kid” too; he’s the same age as Miley! You know who else is also a bit obnoxious? Nick Jonas! How? You saw his Calvin Klein photos of him grabbing his junk with his jeans around his ankles. Why is that OK? Because he’s a boy? He’s the same age as Miley and also a former Disney star! So why is everybody up in arms over Miley’s in-your-face attitude?

Did you realize that she’s started the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization rallying young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.? And she’s also been involved with a bunch of charities such as We Are the World 25 for Haiti, City of Hope, To Write Love on Her Arms, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

3) They hate her because she's full of herself.

Say what you want: Miley can sing and act. She’s way more successful than her father Billy Ray Cyrus ever was. In fact, she’s one of the hottest celebrities right now. (Hello! She HOSTED the VMAs. What other 23-year-old can boast that?) Miley knows people talk about her, and she uses that influence to control the conversation. That’s power. Not conceit. And we’re a society historically (and notoriously) uncomfortable with powerful women.

4) They hate her because she's always flaunting her body.

Why, why, why is she always naked (or close to it)? And why, why, why are so many people so uncomfortable with it? No one seems repulsed by the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or the Victoria Secrets Angels lingerie fashion show.

Miley is naked because she knows she’s a powerful voice. She knows people are looking at her. She’s not flaunting her body to be sexual (anybody else notice that?); she’s flaunting her body to point out gender inequalities.

Take her participation in the #freethenipple campaign. For whatever reason, boobs have become so sexualized that we're uncomfortable when they're being shown in non-sexual situations. And that's crazy because boobs are a secondary sex characteristic on a woman, like facial hair and body hair is a secondary sex characteristic on a guy.

Miley is just pointing out that our society sexualizes women's breasts, in particular the nipple, in a way men's nipples aren't.

Every time I see her flaunting her stuff, she’s not doing it in a sexual manner. She’s not wearing revealing clothes to be sexually looked at (unlike other artists). Miley’s being revealing to make a point. She’s not trying to appeal to men. 

We should all be proud of Miley owning her body and her sexuality. In a society that labels confident women bitches and slut-shames women who enjoy sex, Miley Cyrus is exactly what we need.