Science Says The Right Man Exists — He's Just Really Hard To Find

This confirms everything we've ever thought.

Science Says The Right Man Exists — He's Just Hard To Find Getty 

We all love the bad boys: the jocks, the providers, and the ones who overdose on testosterone. But we also want the doting lovers, and women worshippers.

No matter which type of man you prefer, you may be spending too much time looking for a persona. There lies the problem — you're looking for an image instead of a person. But by switching up your man preference, Mr. Right may appear sooner than you think.


Elite Daily begs the question: "Are we asking for too much? Have our expectations totally screwed us up or are the good guys just hiding too well for us to find?"

According Virginia Clark, a relationship coach, yes! We're expecting too much. We're victims of "wishful hoping," and setting ourselves up for a prolonged journey to find love. "Wishful hoping" includes "making excuses for a guy when you don't get the promised call from him, or waiting for a commitment that will never materialize."

Perhaps the most important ideal that "wishful hoping" makes us create is the fantasy that the relationship will change even when there's no indication it will.


So, how do we combat "wishful hoping"?

We must first consider "all aspects of the perfect guy ... it's imperative to evaluate yourself, take a deep breath, and accept the truth."

After figuring out what you truly want in a man, you'll have an easier time narrowing down your selection. When making this list, think in terms of longevity: what qualities do you find desirable in a life partner? To help you come up with these qualities, you can look at the preferences of your age group.

In's annual LoveGeist report, they found that "18 to 24-year-old women fixate on six packs, while women ages 25 to 34 place higher values on guys who are career oriented." When knowing basic information like this, you can begin to prioritize your list of must-have traits for your Mr. Right.


Finding Mr. Right is completely doable, you just have to willing to compromise in order to acquired long term results.