Hmm: This Wild Mama Included Her BABY In Her Pole-Dancing Routine

Photo: weheartit
wild mama

Ashley Wright has taken attachment parenting to a whole new level.

"What if I told you I can pole dance and babywear at the same dang time?!" she wrote on her blog

If you aren't familiar with what babywearing is, it's the practice of keeping your baby or toddler close and connected to you, as you engage in daily activities through the use of baby carriers.

There are many benefits to babywearing for your baby — they cry less and are exposed to, and participate in, the environmental stimuli the mother selects. It also promotes closeness between parent and child.

Ms. Wright calls herself a bad*ss breastfeeding babywearing, attachment parenting, pole dancing, yogi mama. On her blog, she explained that since people really enjoyed previous videos, which included daughter Shannon playing and watching "as I dance away to the music in our hearts and the freedom of our spirit," she wanted to capture another beautiful experience together.

Before you get alarmed, please note that in order to protect Shannon's neck during the performance, she wrapped her daughter's head so it would remain stable. Shannon watched educational videos as her mother danced, but I'm sure the movement and the rhythm affected Shannon in very positive ways.

Wright says on her blog that she dances for love: "The love I have for self, the love for my daughter, the love we have for each other, and the love we have for you. This is who I am. And this is why I dance. And most certainly why I dance with my daughter."

This video demonstrates that love as Wright dances to "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King, with Shannon close against her back:


Unfortunately, not everybody has reacted favorably to the video. When Wright put it up on Facebook, it was taken down and then put back up.

"I do not expect everyone to understand me nor my 'parenting style', for progression is few for most. However, I will continue to share for those who seek the light that dwells within us," Wright wrote on her Facebook page.