WTF: Makeup To Make You Look Hungover Is Officially A Trend In Asia

Photo: Instagram

Over-indulgers rejoice! The hot new makeup trend in Japan and Korea is The Hangover Look. It's funny when you think of all the time and money you've spent on not looking hung over.

Photo: Instagram/lynetteteemakeup

Did you ever think those puffy eyes and super red cheeks would be something to emulate? It almost makes passing out in your own vomit every night a hip lifestyle choice. 

Naturally, your body — and especially your liver — would appreciate it if, instead of actually producing the hangover look by drinking way too much, you just applied some makeup. Like so:

Photo: Instagram/keautystore

In Japan, the trend is known as byojaku face and the focus is on the flushed cheeks aspect of being hung over. To get the "I've had too much to drinky-drink" look, highlight the under-eye area with a ton of rose-colored blush.


In Korea, it's called aegyo sal and focuses more on the puffy eyes, because everybody knows that puffy eyes make you look happy and young.


Puffy eyes (also known as smiling eyes) are a little more complicated to create as you have to use a combination of highlighting and darkening the area where your bags would naturally be.

This tutorial can help you to achieve the trendiest looks in eyes since the smoky eye:


I can hardly wait to see what the next hot new makeup trend will be. Devastating breakup makeup? Bad case of food poisoning makeup? Or maybe the fresh face look of allergies?