17 Times Daria Understood Everything You've EVER Thought About Life

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The queen of sarcasm and her monotone attitude went off the air in 2001, but she'll pretty much be the only person we ever watched that completely understood everything about the real world.

Daria spoke her mind, and even though they confused low self-esteem with wit and sarcasm, at least the rest of the world appreciated it. Plus, who didn't want Jane as a best friend? 

Daria came into our lives back in 1997 when MTV still played music and had shows that didn't include 16-year-old mothers. If Daria could see the shows that replaced her, she would have a perfect response to the downfall of MTV.

There would be nothing better than a reboot of the cartoon or a live action version of the show. Are you listening, MTV?

Basically, Daria was (and still is) our spirit animal.

For nostalgia sake, we've decided to put together a list of every moment Daria said something that was 100 percent accurate, which was pretty much all the time. 

Here are 17 times Daria understood your every thought: 

1. That moment when you realize everyone around you is dumb.

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2. This unbelievably relatable moment.

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3. Truer words have never been spoken.

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4. Sometimes you just can't handle it (or you have to pretend that you actually care).

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5. This thought always crosses your mind when you’re getting ready.

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6. Our constant motivation struggle.

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7. This daily feeling...

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8. When she perfectly summed up high school.

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9. Those moments where you question everything.

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10. When you realize your own self-worth.

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11. Basically what every 20-something feels.

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12. The fact that gym class was the actual worst.

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13. This is how you feel when you decide to go out drinking...

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14. This truth bomb...

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15. What happens when you and your best friend get wasted together.

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16. When someone you know constantly complains about their life.

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17. And finally, anytime one of your friends says they're on their way to your place.

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