Holy Sh*t! You Won't Believe This Japanese Model Is 50 Years Old

Photo: Instagram
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Find out her secret...

Candy Lo is a model living in Hong Kong, and there's nothing unusual about that. What makes her so unique is that she's a 50-year-old, divorced mother of three.

Most models at age 50 would've given up their careers long ago, but it seems like Candy Lo is just getting started. And she's not letting her age stop her from modeling bathing suits, evening gowns, and other revealing looks.

She recently released her first photo book, Timeless at the Hong Kong Book Fair, and all 3,000 copies have already been sold.

Photo: Instagram/candylolam

For the book photo shoot, she traveled to Seoul, South Korea, bringing her 80 pairs of shoes and 15 suitcases with her. Lo says, "Luckily, my oldest son traveled together with me so I could use some of his suitcase, too."

Although she shot in Korea for just a few days, she got to see what a professional model's days are like.

"During one rainy night, I was only wear a tube top out there. I was so hungry and cold. Since I didn't want to affect the dress I was wearing, I didn't even use a heat pack."

Part of the proceeds from the book will go toward a charity for children and women who are victims of domestic violence.

See how she makes 50 look SO good?

Candy Lo strikes a pose.

Revealing and daring looks are no problem for Candy Lo. She rocks the hell out of this outfit.

Did we mention she's 50?!

She was also Miss Asia in 1991, so she knows how to OWN that evening gown.

Candy Lo wanted to have a variety of looks in her book:

No wrinkles, or lines. Her skin is flawless!

Many fashion shows end with a wedding dress, which she looks stunning in (obviously).

All photos: Instagram.com/candylolam

Ms. Lo hasn't yet revealed any of her beauty secrets as to why she appears so much younger than other women her age. All we can say is that she looks amazing!