46-Year-Old Man Spending $2 Million To Reverse His Biological Age Can Do 20,000 Sit Ups In 30 Minutes

How one man is fighting his own age, and winning.

Two photographs of Bryan Johnson. In the first image he is doing a workout, and in the second he is discussing his routine. TikTok

The secret to prevent the natural process of aging is one that has fascinated humans for centuries. Now, for the first time, one biotech company CEO seems to have found the secret.

His guaranteed routine? A rigorous diet, tons of cutting-edge machines, and frequent medical procedures.

At the age of 46, Bryan Johnson is working to reverse his biological age for the whopping price of $2 million a year.

His discovery is undeniably cutting-edge, but is it worth the cost and strain?


Now based in Los Angeles, Bryan Johnson was born in Provo, Utah to a Mormon family. He received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his graduate degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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Johnson is the founder of three separate tech companies: Braintree, OS Fund, and Kernel. Until Braintree was acquired by PayPal in 2013, he also worked as the CEO for all three companies. He still oversees both OS Fund and Kernel.


Last year, however, Johnson decided he wanted to do something new with his wealth, and announced “Project Blueprint.”

The goal of the project aims to track the performance and comparative age of all 70 of his internal organs, and then find the best processes to reverse their “biological age.”

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“My chronological age is 44, measured biological age is 36,” he wrote in his post announcing the project.

His journey into this extreme wellness program began with strict vegan dieting and has since changed to incorporate tech-assisted workout routines, skin care practices, a strict sleep schedule, and numerous medical procedures.


He revealed one of his workout routines recently: a machine that allows his body to perform the equivalent of 20,000 situps in just half an hour.

The machine consists of a device that he straps himself into, and then applies high-intensity pressure to his abdomen. “What it feels like is, it’s pulling your entire stomach out,” he describes the feeling of the workout. “It’s like ripping it out.”

Despite the pain during the process, he claims that he doesn’t feel sore afterwards. "But I would say my mid-section has never felt stronger in my life and it does change how I feel athletically.”

Alongside his strenuous workout routine, Johnson puts a lot of stake into his diet, consuming only 1,977 calories a day. The majority of these calories come from vegetables, of which he claims to eat 70 lbs per month.


Despite how intimidating this process might look, his project does seem to be successful. According to his doctors, his heart is currently functioning at the age of a 37-year-old, while his skin is that of a 28-year-old, and his lungs and fitness match that of an 18-year-old.

Project Blueprint is still a work in progress, and designed for Johnson’s body specifically, but he is insistent that the basics of the project can be applied to anyone. His own father reportedly tried the dietary protocol, and saw incredible results.

He is quoted: “Removing me from myself has been the best thing I’ve done in decades.” Although this potential trick for immortality is incredibly interesting, the drive to find a “cure” for aging has some people concerned.

After all, aging is a natural process that everything in the universe experiences at some point. Society’s obsession with youth and the fight against any signs of visible aging or change is a much more modern concern.


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Sure, it would be cool to never worry about growing old and dying, but is aging itself the real evil?

In many cultures around the world, elders are revered as wise and knowledgeable, even spiritual because of their age. For many families, our grandparents and older relatives are wellsprings of knowledge, even if we don’t always get along.

Is the human body really meant to undergo the stress of thousands of situps in less than an hour just to turn back the clock a couple of years? How long will a process like this work, until nature eventually takes its course again?


Can a restrictive diet and constant surgeries really keep a person alive forever? And even if so, would it be worth it? Are we not put in the world to enjoy the pleasures of life around us, and to come out of a life fully lived with smiles lovingly etched onto our faces and silver crowns around our heads?

The future of technology seems to be fast approaching, and it seems that we will see whatever happens next.

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