Watch This Woman Recreate 100 Years Of Russian Beauty In 60 Seconds

Photo: YouTube

Wow. This is so cool.

Ever wish you could see every fashion and beauty trend in under 2 minutes? Now you can.

Cut Video produces such videos, where viewers can witness the evolution of beauty and fashion in various countries. The most recent video focuses on Russia.

We see the sweetness of the 1910's and the allure of the 1920's flapper. But between the 30's and 40's, became simplistic, in reminiscence of the Stalinist era.

Marie Claire describes it as "more austere and minimalistic, as the ideal of beauty becomes more about work productivity than sexual attraction."

But then we revert back to the traditionally feminine look, only bolder — the large buns from the 50's, the disco fashion from the 60's, and the wild hair from the 80's.

The hair and make-up get more familiar as we enter the 2000's, where the focus shifts to natural beauty. We gotta say, red lipstick makes a bolder statement than any giant hair-do.

Watch the transformation below: