This Is Currently The MOST Liked Photo On Instagram

Photo: Instagram
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Can you guess who it is?

Kendall Jenner has done the impossible: she's officially de-throned her older sister, Kim Kardashian, of her title for most liked picture on Instagram. And the worst blow? It was a selfie.

Everyone knows about the older Kardashian sister's love and obsession with selfies, if the release of her book "Selfish" is any indication. (Apparently, the 352-page book contains A LOT of her selfies.) 

Last year, Kim and Kanye's wedding photo had 2.4 million likes. But the 19-year-old model's selfie? 2.5 million likes ... in just five weeks, according to TIME's report.

You may ask yourself, what's so special about a selfie? Aside from the fact that it's Kendall Jenner's selfie and her little sister just snatched the title away with her simple, yet creative selfie.

In the photo, the model is lying on the ground in a beautiful white dress, her hair spread out and shaped into hearts. Can you say adorable?

Congratulations on the new title, Kendall.

Photo: Instagram/KendallJenner

Whether or not you like the Kardashians, you have to admit that's a pretty cool achievement for social media. Don't you think?