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8 Times Your Best Friend *MUST* Come Before Your Boyfriend

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By Jillian Kramer

We know it can be tempting to live in honeymoonville 24/7 and make your partner your priority. And we know sometimes you're going to opt out of brunch plans with your friends because your guy wants to drive to the beach and you really, really want to go with him.

But it's all about balance, and there will also be times when you must give a rain check to your boyfriend and be there for your best girl instead. Here are eight of them.

1. When she's just been dumped. 

The aftermath of a breakup often requires a support team, and that's especially true if your friend's former flame did the dumping. Whether she was taken by surprise or brokenheartedly saw the end coming, she'll need you more than your guy needs, say, an evening snuggle buddy.

2. When she's just dumped her latest dude—even if you hated him. 

Raise a glass with your boyfriend and cheers that "Ding dong the d—k is gone!" But then get your adorable buns over to your BFF and support her in whatever way she might need, because any breakup—even one she initiates, even when you couldn't be happier he's gone—still sucks.

3. When it's been six weeks since your last girls' night out. 

Sure, another movie marathon or a fine dining experience with your favorite man is always awesome, but you need girl time too. Make sure you're logging regular hours with your BFF, and slip her into your schedule whenever too much time has passed.

4. When she has a DIY emergency. 

If she's got 72 hours to cut 400 pink-hued elephants from construction paper so she can hand-string garland for her sister's baby shower, drop your boy like a bad habit and come to her apartment bearing scissors.

5. When you've had a fight. 

It's tempting to seek solace in your significant other's arms after you've had a tiff with your friend. And while it's A-OK to take the time you need to calm down, you shouldn't stay in his embrace forever. Head her way to make it right as soon as you're emotionally able.

6. When she needs a plus-one to a wedding. 

Do not leave your favorite gal-pal alone on a dance floor filled with couples getting down to the latest love song. Let your man have a guys' night while you play your single friend's dream wedding date.

7. When she's had an at-home hair color disaster. 

If she's sent out a beauty S.O.S., it's time to bail on your boyfriend so you can hit the drugstore—or dial your fabulous hairstylist!—and fix whatever she's done.

8. When she's questioning whether he's The One. 

Existential crisis, anyone? While you could leave her to weigh the pros and cons of her current relationship alone while you get frisky with your favorite man, it's better to hit pause on him to help her. He'll still be ready and rarin' to go after you've returned from helping her figure out what she wants in a relationship.

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This article was originally published at Glamour. Reprinted with permission from the author.