6 Reasons No-Strings Sex Is The BEST Way To Get Over A Breakup

Photo: WeHeartIt

Breakups are hard. Getting over someone is even harder. Sometimes, the quickest way to get back on your feet is to get off them and into someone else's bed.

It's like a sweet chaser after a shot of hard liquor: you won't forget about the breakup, but at least you won't have the bitter taste in your mouth.

A new love interest (or just a passing fling) is just the sort of shock to your system that can help you get your groove back. So, here's why you should get under someone else to get over your breakup:

1. It takes your mind off the heartbreak.

Losing your significant other is a serious blow to your psyche, and it's easy to let yourself spiral into depression. But luckily for you, sex provides two of the best cures for depression: orgasms and exercise.

Being happy again is the first step toward moving on and letting go of your ex.

2. You break the spell your ex has over you.

Sex, as well as a number of other experiences in your relationship, release oxytocin in your brain and cause you to bond with that other person. Oxytocin is the reason you feel all warm and fuzzy when you think about that special person.

The best way to eliminate it is to generate some more of that wonderful chemical ... with somebody else.

3. You suddenly realize there are other fish in the sea.

It's totally normal to get tunnel vision in a relationship, and to feel like there's no one else you can connect with on that level. Well, that's simply because they're the only person you're connecting with.

Sleeping with someone else can help remind you that there are tons of people in the world who might be even better to give your heart to.

4. You get your swagger back.

It sucks to be rejected. Even if you did the dumping, you still feel like a failure because your relationship failed. Rocking someone's world is a surefire way to remind yourself that you've still got it.

Plus, you know ... sex. It's pretty great.

5. Taking a break from the emotional aspect of relationships is mentally refreshing.

Everyone knows relationships take work. What do they mean by that? They mean that caring for another person and growing together requires constant mental energy.

Getting laid without having to worry about the other person's long-term emotional state allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.

6. You finally get well-deserved closure.

Nothing says "moving on" like getting it on. Until you actually take strides toward being with another person, you'll always have the bad aftertaste of your previous relationship.

Eventually, you need to close the chapter on the failed relationship if you want to search for a successful one. Otherwise, you're just carrying around baggage that might cause you to miss an opportunity with someone amazing because you were wallowing in self-pity.