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LOLOL: If Disney Princesses Were Reimagined As Velociraptors

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LOLOL: If Disney Princesses Were Reimagined As Velociraptors

The Jurassic World craze has hit an interesting new height. The reboot of the series gives us more of a reason to constantly talk about Chris Pratt and further discuss the velociraptors.

No one can forget the dinos after the infamous scene in Jurassic Park, where little Lex and Tim are trapped in the kitchen by two big velociraptors. The tapping of their claws to try and find the kids was genius... and scary! 

And now, it looks like the dinosaurs got the unofficial Disney princess treatment.

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Artist Laura Cooper illustrated these "Velociprincesses" on her website in 2015.

Cooper became obsessed with the raptors when she was little. She was unable to see the first Jurassic Park movie when it came out 27 years ago because she was too little, but her brother kept telling her how awesome the dinosaurs were. So, when she was able to see the movie for the first time, she was in awe of everything they were able to eat.

She said, "After the movie, I went home and couldn't stay focused on anything. I kept thinking about how they just ate everything! All the people were getting eaten! What if they were princesses?! What if they were magical, wonderful, beautiful people?"

So, Cooper created a magical world of velociraptor princesses. She has turned multiple Disney princesses into velociraptors, from the first princess Snow White to Elsa from Frozen.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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Cooper took each Disney princess and dressed each raptor in the iconic clothing and hairstyles of the Disney princess she was trying to portray. She also wanted to make sure girls knew that they had the power to be ferocious.

"This is my collection of Disney Princesses as raptors. In honor of the movie Jurassic World, I decided to illustrate some raptors the way I feel they should be portrayed; as princesses. In the words of my self, 'A princess is many things, and a raptor is one of them," she said.

There are always valuable lessons we can learn from the Disney Princesses and their struggles throughout their independent movies. They make statements about body image, gender stereotypes, and other important issues, even though the velociprincesses would probably be more interested in tearing someone to shreds than give a moral lesson.

This mash-up is quite genus and this could be something interesting Disney should look into, especially as a way to show little girls that they can be beautiful, smart, and ferocious. Would anyone like to see this movie?

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in June 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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