13 Valuable Lessons We Can All Learn From The Disney Princesses

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lessons from disney princess movies

Disney is a billion-dollar empire that stemmed from the imagination of a man and his mouse. The world he built was through the wonder of the fairytale stories he told.

Growing up and watching each of the Disney princesses had a significant impact on me — and most other kids around the globe. The universal message the princesses share is to be brave when you’re not, be kind when others may not deserve kindness and to love with all your heart.

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Each princess comes with her own message. Here are 12 unforgettable lessons we learned from each of them that still apply today.

1. Always be kind, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

There’s a difference between kindness and accepting candied apples from strangers. One should NEVER accept food from someone they don’t know. No matter how delectable this food might look, there’s always some danger when some random person hands you the shiniest of apples.

With that being said, Snow White taught us to accept everyone for who they are, no matter how different they may be from you. You might not agree with everything about someone but as a person, but you should respect them as it’s the honest thing to do.

2. Never lose faith, Cinderella

Having a curfew as an adult is rough, but Cinderella was committed to having the best night she possibly could. When it seemed that the Prince wasn’t going to find her, some work of magic caused him to ultimately meet her. The shoe fit. She got her happily ever after. But Cindy always had to keep faith that something was better out there on the horizon.  

Her step family worked her to the bones and didn’t treat her as an equal. Despite this, she showed up everyday to do her chores because she truly believed that there was a better life out there.

3. Good thing comes to those who wait, Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty spent most of her life hidden from civilization, not knowing that she was royalty.  It wasn't until her birthday, when she pricked her finger on the spindle and fell into a deep sleep, that the prince came and rescued her. It was probably then she realized how wonderful sleep was but also how good things happened to those who wait for them.

Patience is key when living a life of adventure and not regretting the things you've done.

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4. Fight for what you want in life, The Little Mermaid

Some might argue that Ariel gave up her voice for a man, but it was a lot deeper than that. Prior to meeting Eric, she had dreams of going to the human world. She collected whosits and whatsits galore — thingamabobs too. She had a thirst for exploration and adventure that wouldn't have been quenched if she'd stayed under the sea.

Ariel wanted to go out of her comfort zone and figure out what existed beyond her own world. She fought her father, a sea witch and protestive sea creatures in order to obtain the life she wanted.

5. Beauty is more than what meets the eye, Beauty and the Beast

Despite Gaston being the heartthrob of the provincial town they all lived in, it was the Beast that captured Belle’s heart. He gave her a freaking library, so that pretty much set too high of a bar for anyone else to meet. Attraction is important, but it’s the heart that matters.

Your partner could be a walking dream in terms of their looks, but, if they don’t have good intentions, then you shouldn’t be with them. No matter what they say. You must love someone even when they are at their worst.

6. You’re in control of your life, Aladdin

Jasmine was told that she had to marry. She was royalty, so she had to follow a strict set of rules. Eventually she stopped all that nonsense and took her life by the reigns. She told her father straight up she was going to marry Aladdin because she loved him and that no one was going to stop her. Just as we should all never let anyone run our lives.

7. Respect the earth you walk on, Pocahontas

When Pocahontas sang about painting with the wind and coloring life’s edges, she was really referring to treating the planet with the same love we would any human being. This is our only earth. Our one home. We have to protect its fragility. Otherwise, it’ll perish, and we will go down with it.

8. Your obstacles only make you stronger, Mulan

Mulan enlisted in the army as a man in order to save her elder father from serving. Family and honor is everything. But when those lines blur, you must trust yourself to make the right decision. She didn’t let her womanhood stop her from becoming the fiercest warrior in all of China.

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9. Hard work pays off, The Princess and the Frog

Tiana had a dream, and she worked everyday until she achieved it. There was nothing that would stop her from having it all. In the end, she opened her restaurant, but it didn’t come without hard work, long hours and (maybe) the help of a prince.

10. Never forget who you are, Tangled

Rapunzel was kidnapped from her home and, despite how young sbe was when it happened, she knew she didn't belong where she was. Her strong sense of self allowed her to combat the insecurities that floated her way.

11. Change your life, Brave

If given the opportunity to change your fate, do it. Nothing is set in stone. There are 365 days in a year to start a new beginning. Don’t let your past anchor you down.

12. Let it go, Frozen

Literally. If something is bothering or weighing you down, let it go. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

13. You know the way, Moana

Moana knew in her heart how to protect her village. She had to go against the wishes of her father in order to better her community. She did so without any hesitation.

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