WTF: This Creeeepy Sex Ed Book From 1975 Gives Us Nightmares

Sex Education Book From 1975

Thanks to society viewing sex as taboo, it's not very hard to make sex education controversial. Overseas, they tend to be more open and brave when it comes to approaching the subject with children.

Not too long ago, we came across a very bold Norwegian educational video that demonstrated how to give hickeys and masturbate. But now there's something else from Europe that is freaking people out.

A book called How a Baby Is Made is making the rounds on the Internet after pictures from it were shared on Facebook. The book graphically maps out the process of making a baby, from a man and a woman stripping down, to having sex, to the sperm making its way to the egg, and having the baby grow in the womb until the mother gives birth.

Most people seem to be creeped out by the book but it probably has less to do with content than it does with its illustrations. 

1. Can't tell if this couple is kissing, or if the illustrator just didn't like details.

2. The only thing worse than the genitalia is the vomit-inducing shirts they're wearing.

3. Even their baby looks horrified!

Most sex education videos and informational diagrams are outdated but these illustrations definitely take the cake. Since you can't exactly show a child pictures of real genitalia, I guess this will suffice for now (if it doesn't permanently scar the kids in the process).

The book is a bit old, but it's still pretty expensive (surprisingly). You can buy it to teach your child about life for the low price of £116.33 (Euros) for a used copy, and £304.50 for a brand new copy on Amazon. Seems a bit pricey if you ask us.

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