5 Powerful Blow Job Techniques That'll Make Him QUIVER With Ecstasy

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Powerful Oral Sex Techniques


Giving your man great oral sex is crucial if you want to truly satisfy him sexually. So, I'm going to teach you six of my most powerful oral sex techniques to use on him.

While some will be on the slightly tamer side of things, there are a few that will really blow his mind. 

The first is arguably the most important as it will make giving your man oral sex and transitioning to it a lot smoother:

1. The Smooth Transition


Often, giving your man oral sex is the easy part. The hard part is smoothly transitioning to it without any awkwardness or weirdness. And I'm going to show you exactly how to avoid that happening right now. 

Start by simply kissing your man and running your hands over his body from his neck all the way down to his legs. Don't feel like you have to be quick about this. You can slowly move your hands down his body over 10 seconds or over 10 mins. How long you take is up to you.

Once you reach his legs, slowly slide your hand towards his crotch and start massaging it on the outside of his pants. After doing this for one to four minutes, start to unbutton his trousers. Most guys will help you during this part, so don't worry if you're having trouble.

Once you have his trousers off and his underpants out of the way, grab his penis lightly. Then just start giving him some hand action. From here, it's super easy to start giving him a blow job and use some of the following oral sex techniques.

2. Your Friend, His Frenulum

For almost all guys, one of the most sensitive parts of their penis is the glans. This is the top part that is quite smooth to touch. On the underside of his glans, where the glans joins the shaft is called the frenulum. This is the most sensitive part of his entire penis.

Now, you may be eager to pay all your attention to his frenulum, but it's a much better strategy to focus on it as he is about to orgasm. This will give him a much stronger orgasm. The really nice thing about his frenulum is that you don't even need to apply much pressure to it in order to really please him.

You'll find that even the lightest, softest pressure works incredibly well. So try gently licking it and even kissing it as your man reaches orgasm and is ejaculating. He will be forever grateful.

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3. Playing The Trombone


This next one is more of a pseudo-oral sex technique as it involves your hands too. You see, many men absolutely adore it when you deep throat them. But for many girls, this is just not a possibility unless you want to throw up on him.

A perfect way around this while still stimulating the entire length of his penis is to wrap your hand around his shaft while giving him oral sex. You can jerk your hand up and down on his shaft or you can provide stimulation by squeezing it gently.

So, in essence, you'll be giving your man a hand job and a blow job at the same time.

4. Two Can Play That Game

While giving your man a blow job, he will most likely be doing nothing at all with his hands or mouth. This is such a shame. Let's put him to work.

The 69 position with your man is a really good oral sex technique as it provides a combination of enjoying yourself and giving your man enjoyment at the same time.

But, "69ing" your man in a comfortable way can sometimes be tricky. It's best to have your man lying down on his back on the bed, while you are on your hands and knees on top of him. The reason for this is so that you always have space to move.

So, if your man has a habit of thrusting into your mouth, then you will have plenty of space to move your head backward. If you are on your back, then you could be in for a nasty surprise if your man starts thrusting as there is nowhere to move.

5. A Slow End To A Great Day:


Have you ever been with a guy who just didn't know when to stop and just relax? I'm talking specifically about when you are having sex with a guy and you reach orgasm and then become incredibly sensitive. Yet, your man just keeps thrusting, pressing, grinding, or stroking you just as intensely or with even more pressure!

It's as if he thinks that you will just keep orgasming if he can just keeping pressing harder and harder. It's ridiculous, frustrating and sore all at the same time.

The funny thing is that your man is actually very similar when he reaches orgasm. He immediately becomes just as sensitive as you do after you orgasm. This is why I want to show you exactly how to prevent it being uncomfortable for him.

As your man starts to ejaculate, you need to release any pressure you are applying to his penis and instead kiss and lick him (especially around the glans). It's that simple.

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