Best Sex Ed For Adults

The best sex instruction and videos for furthering your sexual education.

Best Sex Ed For Adults

You're not in high school anymore: Sex education doesn't mean learning how to roll a condom onto a cucumber, and experimentation shouldn't be an apology-filled romp in your parents' basement. Hot, helpful instruction exists that can assist you with everything from tantric lovemaking to anal sex. Whether you want live Q&A or a private lesson with your DVD player, our sexperts have picks that will get you hot for teacher.

Ducky Doolittle

Workshops by Ducky Doolittle

Any workshop by Ducky Doolittle. She's highly trained, warm, passionate, sophisticated, prolific and is one of the best sex presenters I've ever seen.

-Violet Blue, Sex columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle


Tristan T

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guides

I am a huge fan of this format. The Expert Guide's DVD contains a mini-workshop of the subject matter (so far Anal Sex, Fellatio, Cunnilingus and The G-Spot) where she goes over anatomy, pleasure principles and you get to see a demo of sorts. If you want it with the commentary you will get kernels of valuable information on technique, positions, rhythm, safer sex and more. If you choose not to have the commentary you view the same scenes but just have the hot sex scenes. I really think this series is the best of both worlds – educational and extremely sexy. Don't for inspirational!

-Coyote Days, Sex educator and Senior Buyer for Good Vibrations




I wouldn't call it an educational video, but John Cameron Mitchell's feature film, Shortbus, is engaging, provocative and brings a strong respect for sexual diversity as well a solid core of authenticity.

-Ian Kerner, Ph.D, sex and relationship counselor and author of books including: She Comes First


Carol Queen

Women Like Me

Theseries presented by Dr. Carol Queen. Not only is she a legend in the sex-positive movement, but she is an accomplished writer and sex activist and has inspired generations of women to reclaim their sexuality in whatever way works best for them. She's approachable, honest and wonderful to talk with. She's wonderful and her workshops are a joy to attend!

-Coyote Days

Personal Touch

Personal Touch with Jayme Waxman

My Personal Touch video series is funny and porny and instructional.

-Jayme Waxman, Sex advice columnist for Playgirl Magazine


Urban Tantra

Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

Barbara Carrellas is that rare teacher who can create an environment where you feel completely at home and supported in challenging yourself to explore what's true about your own sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. Her workshop, Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex For The 21st Century, is based in her thorough understanding of how sexuality and spirituality intertwine. Our culture sends us messages constantly about how sex should feel, how our relationships should feel, how men and women should express themselves. Carrellas's workshops are like a vacation from the emptiness of those messages. Plus she can teach you how to have an orgasm simply by breathing!

-Claire Cavanah, Co-founder of Babeland

Babeland Store

Workshops at Babeland

Babeland offers consistently instructive classes in their retail stores around the country and their instructors are incredibly well-trained and relatable.

-Ian Kerner