5 TINY Changes To Transform Your Outfit From Trashy To Classy

Tiny tweaks = big difference.

date night April Giannosa

It's strange how women use different events as an excuse to dress a certain way. Summer is notorious for showing a bit too much skin. And on Halloween, there's no shortage of skanky nurses, French maids, and endless other scandalous costumes.

Unfortunately, bad dressing doesn't stop there. Date nights seem to have fallen into this "no rules" category of just dress however you want.

But, ladies, if you want to be treated like a woman and be taken seriously, step up your game.


Taking an outfit from slutty to sexy is really pretty simple:

1. Start with your clothes.

Pick something that fits your figure and flatters your favorite part of your body. Showing some skin is perfectly fine; just don't go overboard. Either flaunt those legs or décolletage area — not both.


2. Decide on a pair of shoes that coordinate well with your outfit.

Nude heels or wedges are always a winner and help elongate your legs. Steer clear of any shoe that's difficult to walk in. Breaking an ankle during date night isn't cute at all.

3. Don't overdo your makeup.

Think about which part of your face you want to highlight. You can either go dark with the eyes, or bold on the lips. But beware: if you accentuate both, you'll be bringing a street walker vibe to your look.

4. Add a little jewelry.

While statement necklaces and earrings can be oh-so-fun, you want your date to focus on you, not your jewelry. Lay off heavy pieces and try not to decorate yourself too much.


A good tip is to stick with wearing jewelry on two parts of your body, like earrings and a bracelet, or a necklace and earrings — not necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

5. Check yourself before walking out the door. 


After you're all put together, get in front of a mirror and make sure none of your undergarments are showing. Try sitting down to make sure your clothes aren't too tight.

And try bending over to verify that nothing falls or peeks out. If you still aren't sure if your outfit is appropriate for the night, send a picture of yourself to a trusted friend for a second opinion.