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11 Things That Go Through ALL Of Our Heads On A Group Text

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You may think group texting is a great way to keep in touch with your friends without the hassle of sending everyone messages individually. But no, you are wrong.

Group texts are their own circle of Hell. They're inconvenient to everyone except the sender, they connect strangers who seriously can't be bothered with one another otherwise, and they're constantly disruptive to people who have other things to do.

You aren't popular or efficient; you're The Worst. If it's not worth sending individual messages to your buddies (copying and pasting is a thing on smartphones, you know), it's not worth a message at all.

And if you're the person who constantly replies all on a group text — or even an email — don't feel too superior. You're The Second Worst because you're still awful.

If you send a group text, please know that this is what we're all thinking. Seriously, we hate you.

When someone forgets they're on a group text and sends what they think is a private, TMI-filled message.

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When you realize you just accidentally sh*t-talked someone who's included in your stupid group text, instead of messaging your pal privately:

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When someone you barely know in a group text starts getting way too curious about your life:

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Let's be real, THIS is what you want to reply. No matter who it is.

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no one likes u text message kid on school bus

Let's be real, part 2: You're never getting anything remotely interesting on a group text. Ever.

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When you're waiting for a text back from your crush and it turns out to be your cousin's best friend's sister-in-law showing off her stupid nail art:

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When someone sends a group text that's so long, it has to be broken up into three or more blocks:

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When you get a reply back from a number you've never seen before:

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Then people in the group text get cagey when you actually ask them who they are, even though they're the idiots who replied all in the first place:

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When you have to be extra careful crafting your responses, since you have no clue who the f*ck is actually reading them:

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When you think you're free six hours later ... and then someone replies yet again.

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