Your Cat Is Making Your Kids Stupid, Says Science

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Kitty Litter Affects Your Kid's Mental Health

So crazy.

For years, scientific studies have warned pregnant women about the possible effects of toxoplasmosis (a disease found in kitty litter) on their unborn child. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that toxoplasmosis can lead to serious illnesses such as blindness, hearing loss, mental retardation and psychosis.

But according to a recent study by the University of Iowa and Florida International University, the scary news doesn't stop there. 

Toxoplasmosis also affects your child's mental health and can even lead to learning difficulties later on in life. 

Researchers stated that "The results suggest that Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity is associated with poor reading performance and impaired verbal memory. [It can also] trigger a flu-like illness in those infected, but in many patients it can go on to form cysts in brain cells."

The study went on to say that there's a chance that taking plenty of vitamin E is a great way to combat this disease: "Serum vitamin E seems to modify the relationship between the parasite and verbal memory with greater Toxoplasma-associated memory impairment found in participants with lower vitamin E level."

The crazy part is that researchers say toxoplasma also makes men more prone to aggression. The fact that kitty litter can drastically change someone's personality and mood is insane.

In another strange turn, the study mentions that women who come into contact with the parasite are more likely to cheat. So crazy.