Crazy Or Cool? These Parents Got Tattoos Of Their Kid's Drawings

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These 7 Parents Got Tatoos Of Their Kid's Drawings
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One of the proudest moments of parenthood is receiving one of those adorable, hand-drawn pieces of art from your little one. Sure, your kid might not be the next Picasso, but who really cares? 

It's the thought that counts, and that cuteness will be able to live on taped to the front of your fridge even when your kid is old enough to bring home a significant other so they can check out those awesome skills for themselves, and your kid can enjoy the embarrassment of it all. 

But what if you want to do something a little more permanent when your kids hand you that drawing they oh-so-artfully scrawled in art class? Well, if you're like these parents, that's exactly what they decided to do.

For these proud mothers and fathers, getting it tattooed on their bodies was obviously the only (and best) option.

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While we're all for kids drawing too-cute-you-can't-stand-it pictures, this seems like it may be crossing a line, no?

Hanging those drawings up on the fridge may be more than enough for us, but we can still appreciate the commitment these parents put in for their little ones' works of art. 

Here are a few tattoos that we just can't seem to get over.

Exhibit A

This proud dad went and got his 8-year-old son's superhero drawing done in permanent ink.

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That had to hurt.

This father obviously wanted a permanent reminder of his daughter's artwork that she had drawn for him.

If this mom's family gets any bigger, she's going to need a lot more room.


Like, a whole lot more.

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Okay, this one had to have been pretty painful.

This father chose the ribs as his place of choice for the tattoo. Ouch. But it was probably worth it for that sweet art to live on forever... we guess.

This one's so adorable.

And, we must admit, that stick figure art is pretty impressive. 

While parents do many things to show their kids just how proud they are, this idea is certainly unique. But, believe it or not, there are stranger things in the world.

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